Rape of the Lock

It seems like Pope goes out of his way to describe Belinda’s beauty.  He and the Barron seem flattered and obsessed with her looks and characteristics.  Does the card game that Belinda looses represen her fate in the story? I dont get what the lock of hair resembles when it becomes a star.  In a way it kind of seems like Ariel is obsessed with her.  He is constantly watching over her and he frequently emphasizes the importance of protecting her  Ariel is not hesitant to plan a counter attack on the Barron.  This story was kind of confusing to me.

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Paradise Lost books 9 and 12

Why does Satan have another moment of grief when he is about to disguise as a snake?  Why does he say that he is jealous of Adam and Eve.  Satan finaly was able to lead Eve to the Tree of Knowledge.  I dont see how Eve coould not see that the snake was evil. She had never seen a talking snake before and why would she listen to one when she was told by god not to eat the fruit.  Adam becomes heartbroken when he had realized what happend.  He then takes the fruit and they both wake up without paradise.  At the end of the story, I felt bad for Adam and Eve.  They had lost everything without really doing anything wrong?  What happened to Satan at the end of the story?

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Paradise Lost Book 4

When Satan sees the beauy of the earth, he reflects on what he once was.  He questions if he will be forgiven from his sin.  It kind of seems like Satan is stuck in a situation.  He knows about the wrong he did but he acknowledges that he will not bow down to god in heaven.  It seems like Satan feels like he cant help but to commit evil and sin.  When he finds the tree of life, he sits on it and sees Adam and Eve? What is the significance of the forbidden tree of knowledge?  Why does Satan fly away when he was about to fight Gabriel? What was the creature that scared him and why?

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Paradise Lost Book 3

When God is asked how mercy can be given without destroying justice by his son, why does God answer that a suitable sacrafice would have to take place.  Why does his son volunteer? God seems to be content with his son’s offer,  does he seem to be a little too happy about the situation?  I would expect him to be more concerend but he seems to be ok with it.

What are Satan’s intentions after conviencing Uriel to point him towards paradise?

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Paradise lost book 1

So does Satan eximplify the charactersitics in the story or is he actually a serpent?

I don’t know why the fallen angels would agree to help Satan in the first place?

Does  the Pandamonium being built indicate that the evil side is going to battle again, does it foreshadow that the “evil forces” are going to get stronger?

It kind of seems like Satan is trying to inforce that there is not a difference in heaven and hell.  Because Satan was not allowed to go to heaven, he uses Adam and Eve as an example to show the corruption of God.

Why does it seem like Milton is trying to say that Satan and hell hold the huane qualities in the story?

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The Tempest acts 4+5

Why does Prospero say human beings are “such stuff/as dreams are made on?”  he says this after he realizes that Caliban’s attack is going to take place soon.

Why does Prospero decide to release the prisoners after all?  What changed his mind?

It seemed like Prospero was really upset when he had to give up his magic.  Why doed he in the first place?

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Tempest Act 3

It seems like Ferdinand and Miranda jump into marraige too quickly.  She asks him if he loves her and when he says yes she proposes to him.  Why does she agree to marraige when she is forbidden to talk to him in the first place.  It seems like Stephano is still in a pickel.  Again, he questions himself before killing Prospero.  “Where I shall have my music for nothing?”  I had hard time understanding when Prospero and Ariel were invisible or not.  Did Prospero or Ariel speak to Alonso that made him run to drown himself?

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The Tempest: Act 2

Sebastian is angry and Tells Gonzalo that it was his fault for Ferdinand’s death.  Antonio tells Sebastian to kill his brother and he almost does.  When Sebastian was considering not killing his brother, it seemed like he did not want to do it for the wrong reasons.  Sebastian wonders if he is going to feel bad for it completley ignoring the fact that he would be killing his brother.  Why does Gonzalo scream “Preserve the King” when he realizes that he had two swords drawn on him?  And why does he let the situation go?  I could tell that he was curious about why he had woken up like that but I don’t why he did not act on it?

Caliban thinks he is being tormented but Trinucculo who Stephano believes to be a monster?

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Tempest act 1 and Intro

This story kind of reminds me of Doctor Faustus.  Faustus abuses black magic when he could have been studious.  Instead he was driven by personal motives to ruin others lives.  Prosperio I think was a duke?  He was driven out by Antonio’s army in Milan.   This story, opposite of Faustus, has Prosperio finding interest in his studies instead of that of a higher authority.  I understand that Prosperio freed Ariel from imprisonment.  Why does Prosperio keep recalling on all the things that he has done for Ariel? It seems like Ariel is unstable and is easily convinced to do what is asked.  Why do Ariel and Prosperio create the storm/ cause the ship wreck?  Who was it targeted for and was it because of Antonio and his army and what they did to him?

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Doctor Faustus Scenes 7-13

After finishing the story, I think the main message is that Faustus brought suffering among others life so he suffers at the end.  It is unfortunate because I think he seems capable of having a sane mind in the beggining of the story.

What do Faustus and Mephastophillis have against the Pope?  Why do they want to play trick on him?

Is it ironic that Mephastophillis was acused of stealing the cup from the tavern?  He gets upset acting like he would not be capable of doing something like that

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